Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chip It!

I thought I would share this fun little tool with you. It's created by Sherwin Williams and is called Chip It!
 Its a handy little add-on to your tool bar that allows you to click on an image you like and find several different SW paint colors that would work with your image. For example, here is a rug I found on Home Decorators website. Since I have already added the Chip It! button to my tool bar, all I have to do is click on that button and hover of the image of the rug, hit the little icon that says "Chip It!" and voila!
 See? So easy! Now, of course, computer monitors can skew colors and I wouldn't go running out and buying a gallon of one of these suggested colors without first trying a sample in the room, but its a fun way for the general homeowner to get some paint color ideas they might not have thought of before!

Try it out here!


1 comment:

Ruth said...

Cool. It could be used as a general guideline as to how colors would look in your space, even if they weren't sw colors.