Friday, September 20, 2013

Getting It Right

Hello all! School is back in session and we are all finally getting into some kind of groove around here. Routine is so great for me and my type-A personality. Hope everything is going great for you as well!

So... my kitchen. Its been a LOT of different things. When we first moved in it was... vintage.

We did as much as we could  at the time: buying new appliances because the existing ones didn't function, new laminate counters, added drawer hardware, and pulled down some cabinets and added open shelving in its place.
Then, years later, we were finally able to replace the original cabinets with the white ones I'd always desired.
We went with Ikea cabinets and decided to nix the open shelving, as it was just too much maintenance with dust and such. We eventually ended up with glass front cabinets on that previously open-shelved wall:
I liked the glass front cabinets, but something wasn't sitting well with that type-A personality of mine. It was too cluttered. Too busy. The hanging bar looked great in the Ikea store, but in my home I wasn't feeling it. I The height of the glass front cabinets made the ceilings look lower than they already were. I knew what needed to happen. I was crushing on images like this:

So, two MORE cabinets (and a terrible phone pic) later...
BAM! Love it. Love love love it. (And yes, there are ALWAYS dishes in my sink. Sigh.) I still need hardware for the new cabinets (I'm thinking cup pulls centered on the top) but it is SO MUCH nicer to look at. And, so functional. The cabinet on the left has two shelves for random stuff (right now its got kids cups/plates in it). The cabinet on the right is like our little breakfast station (Keurig, coffee, sugar,toaster...). I hacked a shelf in half and used a bracket we had hanging around to make a half-shelf for coffee mugs.
Sometimes it takes years, patience, and a lot of steps to finally get it right. It also helps to have a very understanding husband.

I'll post better pics as soon as I get some hardware on those doors.

What do you think? Had you ever seen the counter to ceiling cabinet look before? Do you prefer open shelving? Does counter clutter bother you too?

I'm off to finish preparing for the annual neighborhood yard sale tomorrow! Have a wonderful weekend!


Monday, August 26, 2013

Have A Seat (Or Six)

This weekend I had a "great idea." The husband HATES when I have these great ideas because they usually involve demo, building, or moving of heavy furnishings. This time, though, it was a one man, err... woman, job! And it cost me less than $25!

Here is the before: (This is NOT a staged photo, so pretend you don't see the piles of "things" my kids love to leave in various spots to keep me on my toes.)

After six cans of spray paint (this one to be exact):

I had a whole new, lighter, less formal look! (Again. Not staged. Messy. Apologies.)

Since we have taken down the wall between the kitchen and dining room and done away with the formal dining space, it makes more sense to have a more casual look for the dining area. Plus, I really think the shapes of both the chairs and the farmhouse table are featured when they are in contrasting colors.What do you think?

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Branching Out

While perusing the latest Pottery Barn catalog I came across the Perfect Shot Jewelry Hanger and was smitten. Since my budget didn't allow for a purchase like this at the moment, I started brainstorming ways to get the look for less.


I ended up grabbing a branch from the woods out back, some L-hooks I had hanging around, and some gold spray paint left over from another project. Lightly sprayed the branch, screwed the L-hooks in randomly, screwed the branch to the wall with some long drywall screws...

And this is what I ended up with for no cost! I'm pretty excited about the results! I think I even like it better than the arrow!

Not bad for free! What do you think?


Thursday, August 15, 2013


I have no real news to share just yet about the move, friends. I am still working out the details. I transferred over to a new format, but I now need to work on bringing all my old posts with me and making it look pretty. So, while you're holding tight over here at 19 Butternut with me, I thought I'd share some things I am crushing on lately. Enjoy!

I'm off to the zoo with my kids tomorrow, but hoping to have more to report on the new blog on Monday. Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Oh, the places you'll go!

Hello to all who have recently found my blog and to all who used to read long ago! Wonderful things have been happening with my business and I am finally sending the littlest baby off to school, so I thought I'd get back to regular blogging. I sure did miss it!

There will be some changes in the next few days so that I can properly connect my blog to my new business website and give it all a cohesive look. The address will be different (and I will give you more information on that as I have it). The look will be different (in a good, fresher, less standard-template kind of way). The name of the blog will be changing too! I am hoping to have details tomorrow to share. I am so excited about the changes but, more importantly, about getting back to connecting and chatting with blog land.

Here's to new beginnings, to old friends, and to all the places we'll go.

Goodnight, friends!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chip It!

I thought I would share this fun little tool with you. It's created by Sherwin Williams and is called Chip It!
 Its a handy little add-on to your tool bar that allows you to click on an image you like and find several different SW paint colors that would work with your image. For example, here is a rug I found on Home Decorators website. Since I have already added the Chip It! button to my tool bar, all I have to do is click on that button and hover of the image of the rug, hit the little icon that says "Chip It!" and voila!
 See? So easy! Now, of course, computer monitors can skew colors and I wouldn't go running out and buying a gallon of one of these suggested colors without first trying a sample in the room, but its a fun way for the general homeowner to get some paint color ideas they might not have thought of before!

Try it out here!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Vote For 19 Butternut!

19 Butternut is currently struggling to remain in the top 25! If you have a moment, please consider clicking on the link and casting a vote so that we might make the cut! 

Thanks so much!